The Kiss, Kurt Brown – an Analysis


Pretty straightforward… a kiss that either did or did not happen.

Gut Reaction
Oh, this is not a good choice of poem to be looking at tonight. Insomnia is on fine form.

What does it all mean?
And…the inevitable bad timing. You want me when I don’t want you, then I want you when you don’t want me. And then…gone. Moment has passed.

That kiss I failed to give you.
How can you forgive me?

We both knew there were odd little feelings flurrying around us like snowflakes, but I pulled back, uncertain. You took it as rejection, when it was merely hesitation. Already too late, the hurt was in your eyes.

The kiss I would have spent on you is still
There, within me. It will probably die there.

The feelings are still there, they’ve never faded and I don’t expect they ever will.

But it will be the last of me to die.
I’ll care about you as long as I am alive.

Form – the vaguely technical stuff
Division and order
One stanza.


Suggested rhyme scheme
Free verse 🙂

Similes and metaphors
The entire poem is a metaphor for a missed chance at love.

Author’s relationship with their subject
Is the writer asking for another chance?

Other points of view (ideas from other sources)
This poem appears to have been written just weeks before the author’s death. So my first thought was whether or not the intended audience ever knew his feelings. It turns out that yes, they did know; this was written to his wife. Which speaks to me of second chances.
It also makes me want to read more of this author’s work.

Signing off
I picked a short poem to tinker with since I couldn’t sleep – just for a change. And now I’ll probably lay awake all the more.
I’d love to believe in second chances following missed opportunities; somehow that’s a bit fairytale for me.
Sometimes I believe that no matter how hard it is, sometimes, the best thing to do is to do nothing at all – maybe not for yourself, in fact no! Absolutely not for yourself! But for the others involved.
Sometimes I think it is downright selfish to admit to…stuff… They don’t need to know, you’re not telling them for their benefit, only yours. And why? In the misguided thought that they’ll realise everything that you want them to about you? That they’ll drop everything and come running? That isn’t love. That is selfish, pure and simple. Don’t do that. What’s the expression? If you love something, let it go? Do that instead.
So you, fictitious character, calling on the person who you let slip away…back off. You had your chance. Move on. They have…and they are happy. Grin and bare it. Don’t make the same mistake again.

Four Way Review


When I read this I think of the song… The Undercurrents


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