You And I, Henry Alford – an Analysis


Um. Yes. A relationship one.

Gut Reaction
I hear No Doubt before I even read the poem…

What does it all mean?
Someone’s in love. Someone sees themselves with another and sees how right they could be together. Does the other agree or disagree?

My hand is lonely for your clasping, dear;
Clasping? Holding on? Hold hands? Or, if anything like me, this person is used to having to prop the other up on account of their clumsiness?

My ear is tired waiting for your call.
Ah, the old waiting by the phone hell. Except. More likely to be WhatsApp now…

I want your strength to help, your laugh to cheer;
Heart, soul and senses need you, one and all.

I need all of you, all aspects, you complete me.

I droop without your full, frank sympathy;
…why does everything – everything – make me think of Yorkshire?! No finer, franker folk 🙂
Droop… I need to hear you, need your support and wisdom, even if it is brutally honest.

We ought to be together – you and I;
…says it all…

We want each other so, to comprehend
The dream, the hope, things planned, or seen, or wrought.

They share the same outlook, thoughts, hopes and so on, complete each other? Question is…if they want each other, what is the obstacle?

Companion, comforter and guide and friend,
Friends first, but also the first person they seek comfort from and the person that gives them such direction and help in life.

As much as love asks love, does thought ask thought.
On good. A riddle. Do you love and think about me too? I know you feel the same but which of us is going to make the first move?

Life is so short, so fast the lone hours fly,
Life is too short for missed opportunities and spending them alone means the time flies even faster.

We ought to be together, you and I.
…so bloody well do something about it then! Oh. Wait. Life is a complicated beast, isn’t it? Why do we make it like that??

Form – the vaguely technical stuff
Division and order
One stanza, 12 lines of iambic pentameter.

Wise but so very unwise.

Suggested rhyme scheme

Masculine and feminine rhyme with end stopped and run on lines.

Similes and metaphors
Nope. Well yes. Am sure there are many. Am just not in the mood.

Author’s relationship with their subject
Clearly bloody confused!

Other points of view (ideas from other sources)
Aside from getting the two Henry Alford’s mixed up… Not so much.

Signing off
At first when I saw this I assumed it was from the perspective of an elderly couple, one mourning the loss of the other.
Two people. Meant to be together. But not. I cannot form words about that. Because what if the person writing this about the person they love is misinformed and the other, the person they love, does not feel the same way back? That’s one scenario. Or maybe they are not able to return the love because of their choices or situation? Or what if the other person is just bloody scared of what it all means? I don’t know which scenario is worse. I don’t like it at all.


Henry Alford

The other Henry Alford!

When I read this I think of the song… We Are Stars


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