Don’t Leave


Hey, it’s me.
I’m searching for the words to make it right;  these are all I have.
Can you stay? One more minute?
Because when you leave, when you close that door, you know you can’t come back, right? There’s no handle on the other side to let you come back through.
No that I don’t want you to.
Believe me, I do.
Please; let’s make this easy.
You are so vital, so essential, with so much love to give.
Won’t you stay? Just a little longer?
Because when you go, a thousand stars will go out in the sky, and I don’t know how I’ll ever remember what it is to breathe.
Without you, how will I know what to believe?
I’m begging with you, pleading; please don’t leave.
Please. Don’t leave us.
Don’t give up when there’s so much more life to live.
I beg you. Please listen. Please stay and hear me, just one more minute.
The world will swallow up in darkness and sadness if you make this choice.
There will be too much silence without your voice.
Please. Please. Don’t leave.


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