Saturday Post


A little about me
I realised today that I have actually been running this poetry analysis blog for just over a year now, originally here, and now, well, here.

The only reason I set up this current blog instead was because the original one went into a meltdown after a glitch. It’s fixed now, so I’m kind of running the two simultaneously as there was a ton of stuff scheduled over there that’s also scheduled here. But it’s more or less the same until the scheduling is done and dusted.


That’s not very interesting, is it?

What I wanted to say, is that this blog, while not world-changing, has become a very happy part of my routine. I’ve always loved poetry and having a reason to look at new poetry daily is a beautiful excuse. It’s opened my eyes to some incredible poets, and made me a better poet myself (I hope) in the process. And I’ve loved every minute of it, even the poems that wound me up and made me want to hit things, even the trickier analysis, even the ones that resonated in ways I didn’t want them to at the time.

For anyone who has followed me or viewed anything I’ve written, either here or over at my other blog, I just wanted to say: thank you 🙂 x

Poetry inspiration this week

My favourite flower!
2015-09-14 13.09.49

A cheeky seagull after my biscuit crumbs
2015-09-13 14.49.32

Article in the news
Afghan women spread the word

Random thought for Saturday
I’ve been analysing and immersing myself in poetry for about a year now on here. During that time, I’ve come to enjoy free verse. Now to start with, I’ll admit, my joy came from not having to work out the rhyming scheme for it. A small, insignificant fact, but there you have it.

But over the past six months or so, what with the discovery/rediscovery of spoken word poetry, I’ve realised how much poetry there is between the lines so to speak. It doesn’t have to rhyme at the end to be poetic.

My love of spoken word poetry has made me appreciate written free verse a lot more, and I can feel the poetry there just as clearly as I can a regular rhymed poem.

I’ve even started writing free verse poetry myself, and whilst it felt odd to begin with, I really enjoy that.

However. I still like rhyme poetry. I don’t care if that isn’t the trend I’m ‘supposed’ to mock now because nobody rhymes. I rhyme. People rhyme. A lot of people out there rhyme in fact, and to be honest, some of the best poetry I’ve seen recently is a mix of free verse and rhymed poetry within the same piece. It’s just that a whole new world has opened up to me and whilst it’s exciting, it doesn’t mean I don’t already like the world I’m in. I’m greedy. I want both. And I shall have both 🙂

Happy Saturday 🙂


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