Saturday Post


A little about me
This week, gardens have become my nemesis. Monday saw me whacking myself in the face with a fistful of stinging nettles that I’d just pulled up by their roots. Tuesday had me tripping over weaving vines whilst throwing out biscuits for the birds. And today I realised that the scab on my finger from even more weeding was not actually a scab but in fact a splinter.

Poetry inspiration this week
Not gardens, that’s for sure.


Trains and rail tracks
2015-10-01 18.38.31

Article in the news

James Dawson talking about how he hated poetry growing up.

Random thought for Saturday
Thursday was National Poetry Day, so instead of a random thought, here are some randoms from the week surrounding the day.

Performance Poetry (slam poetry, spoken word poetry, poetry out loud, and others!)

Is Howl the Lord Of The Rings of the poetry world? As in there are two kinds of people in the world, those that have read it, or those that haven’t? Or is it simply poetry Marmite?

Writing a poem on a theme.

Ode To The Coast, John Cooper Clarke (commissioned by the National Trust).

Selina Nwulu, young poet laureate for London (scroll down the article and listen to her read Before and Home Is A Hostile Lover).

On reading out loud.

Happy stinging-nettle-free Saturday 🙂


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