There’s a thing that’s been hiding behind this smile.
We’ve both known it’s there. We’ve known for a while.
You teeter, pontificate, retreat and withdraw.
I’ve seen such waggle dances time and time before.
But whilst you were dancing and taking what you could,
Realisation claimed me, which can only be good.
I fell from my trojan horse; stranded, change began,
And now I see you taking from me all that you can,
Then like some mythical vampiric beast of the night
After draining me empty, until nothing seems right
Disappear on the wind with some vague fleeting word
Only to return when you wish to be heard.
But the thing that’s been hiding now strives to be seen,
Now it’s my turn to ponder on just what that means.
Next time you come calling, bemoaning life unfair,
Maybe it will surprise you that I’m no longer there.
You won’t know my hiding place, won’t know the route,
By which time ‘I’m sorry’ will be a point moot.



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