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A little about me
I have a little bit of a problem when it comes to terrorist attacks. Hopefully, everyone does, even if they have become frightfully regular events in our news to the point of ‘oh, there goes another bombing’, where this time…

My problem is how invested I get in watching the news unfold. I can’t drag my eyes away from the news reports, and it’s not healthy because it’s all I think about unless I catch myself in time. I know I’m not alone in that.

What strikes me now, in a very odd aside, is that ‘middle child knee jerk reaction’ that is evident in every single walk of life, including terrorist attacks. Let me explain myself.

When the Black Lives Matter campaign started, it wasn’t long before people complained that it should be Every Life Matters. Not that that isn’t true. But your pain is not lessened or diminished just because there’s a campaign to raise awareness for another person’s life and the persecution they have received.

When there is talk of gay pride and Pride events, there are those of us who say things like ‘but why do THEY get a special day, we don’t’. No, ‘we’, as in the heterosexual amongst us, don’t get a special day, because we’ve never needed one. We’ve never needed to hide the truth about who we love or risk our ways of lives for it. And whilst I personally am anti-marriage, the fact that we’ve only now legalised gay marriage in so many countries is lunacy to me – if you’re daft enough to want to get married, then you should be able to do it, whatever gender you are.

When there are campaigns for feminism, there are those of us who sniffle and say ‘but what about campaigns for men, we don’t get special treatment’. Well, considering how uneven things have been historically between the sexes, what is wrong with ‘fighting for women’s rights’? More to the point, feminism isn’t about women, it’s about equality. The opposite of feminism is not ‘menimism’, it’s inequality. You don’t want us to be equal?

And god forbid that anyone tries to raise awareness for men who are victims of domestic abuse. How dare we presume that they are as badly effected as women? That is like saying helping male victims is denying that there are female victims. What nonsense is that? It isn’t about forgetting one ‘type’ of victim, it’s about trying to help another ‘type’ that is less well known about.

I could go on.

Now with what happened in Paris, of course we were horrified. But it took about 0.003 seconds for some people out there to pipe up discrimination against other countries suffering from terrorist attacks that weren’t getting the same amount of coverage.

My issue is this. Come on, you silly, silly, silly world. Someone else sharing their pain, their sorrow, their challenges, does not in any way diminish the suffering of another person. And by the same token, supporting, for example, the people of France, doesn’t mean you don’t have compassion and sympathy for the people of Lebanon, Beirut, Syria, Afghanistan, or any other country out there.

Saying Je Suis Paris doesn’t mean you are forgetting every other atrocity. There are unnecessary deaths in the name of terrorism in so many countries, in the so-called West, East, and Middle-East, and everywhere in between. And if our media shows certain biases, well, we cannot be held responsible for that. It does not mean we do not care.

What I want to say is that when most people say Je Suis Paris, they are not for a second saying they only show loyalty for a ‘familiar face’, or jumping on the West Is Best bandwagon. They are saying they are a citizen of this world, a regular human being that is horrified by pointless murders in our supposedly liberal world. They are saying, we are one people.

Please. Naive as I know it sounds. Please can we just be one people?

Poetry inspiration this week


Image via Pexels / Pexels

Article in the news
Anti-radicalisation campaign

Random thought for Saturday
I am a veritable soapbox of random thoughts at the best of times, and this week has been no exception. I do however think the thoughts this week have been along a particular theme.

Suffice to say, I’m worried about this world. What we’re doing to it, what we’re doing to each other – what we’re doing to each other. I think it’s appropriate to say times are changing, and who better to summarise that than Bob Dylan? The Eddie Vedder version is here because hey, a girl’s gotta 🙂

Happy Saturday, forgive me for my nay-sayings and ramblings 🙂


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