Saturday Post


A little about me
This past few weeks I have delved into the murky world that is fanfiction. I don’t mean reading it – I’ve been doing that for a thousand years – but actually writing it. It’s all short since my attention span is, well, short, and it’s all a lot of silly fun, I recommend it to any would-be writer with writer’s block – or fan of whatever show, book or film you’d like to see just that little bit more from.

If you don’t know what fanfic is, bless you, you sweet cinnamon roll too good for this world. And if you do, well. I’m going to stop talking before I start making demands to know about OTPs. So I shall stop.


In case you need an education:


Live Journal

Poetry inspiration this week

I saw lambs this week. Lambs. via Wikimedia / Wikimedia

And mud. A lot of mud. via Wikimedia / Wikimedia

Article in the news
Because it’s Christmas and so many people are out shopping whether they like it or not, here’s some potential stocking fillers.
The Guardian’s best poetry books of 2015
The Independent’s top poetry books
A really good article on the trans poetry community.
Top Philip Larkin poems.
Honouring Wilfred Owen.

Random thought for Saturday
When do poets start writing their seasonal poems? Is it actually during the season or do they get the urge for snow about mid-August when it’s meltingly hot outside? I tried writing a seasonal poem once, perhaps twice, definitely not my thing.


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