Internal Monologue


‘Be careful what you wish for’ might have once seemed good advice,
But it’s not quite the sentiment and therefore won’t suffice.
It’s better worded: ‘have caution for the things that you dream true.’
Because once they are realised, that’s it. They’re yours. Now what do you do?
Remember feeling that you were lonely and that no one understands?
You kept it in, you shut them out, and now, who holds your hand?
Remember certainty that you were never good enough?
Well look at what you’ve missed out on, at all you’ve given up?
You’ll not forget the times you thought yourself beneath affection?
How could you when you tell yourself you’d hate to seek attention?
That feeling that you have that there’s nowhere that you belong?
You’ve created that reality, put lyrics to your song.
Look what happens when things go to plan exactly as you crafted?
Yes, you got the outcome, but, you’re still the one deserted.
There’s an entire universe of possibilities,
But all you do is focus on ‘what ifs’ and ‘not to be’s’.
If only you could – would – let go of just one tiny doubt,
Perhaps the rest would follow, and then we could be without
This repetitious monologue internalised each night,
That this is all there is and that you’ll never get life right.
I don’t know what to tell you, if you’re not willing to try.
All I can give is company whilst you let life pass you by.

Internal Monologue


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