Turn Out The Light


Turn out the light.
Leave me stumbling in the dark.
You’re not mine to cling to.
I’m no longer your problem: I let you go.

Turn out the light.
You don’t have to feign interest
Or pretend you’re listening any more.
Your life can return to as it was before.

Turn out the light.
I was never much use anyway.
Dishonest in how I was feeling
Because the alternative would send you reeling.

Turn out the light.
If I can’t see, or hear, or know you,
Then you will no longer be burdened by me.
Life will soon return to how it’s meant to be.

Turn out the light.
I can’t give you anything that you want.
I fooled myself thinking otherwise
So I give you the only thing I can: goodbye.

Turn out the light.
Forget I invaded your world.
And if you should hear I took the ultimate fall,
Rejoice. Know you are free once and for all.



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