When you burned the building down to the ground,
Did you forget there were people inside too?
Or in your diluted, polluted view of the world,
Had they somehow ceased to be human to you?

Consider this. Were they mere farmyard animals,
You would have been guilty of committing slaughter.
But they weren’t. They were people, whole, like you and me.
Father. Brother. Sister. Mother. Son. Daughter.

How dare you believe yourself better, and claim righteousness.
Thou shalt not kill is more than commandment,
It is an unspoken agreement with yourself
To accept humanity with humility, and face judgement when you do not.

We judge you. We find you wanting.
Lacking any trace of humanity right though to the human core.
If your god really did exist, he would turn his back on you.
We would wish you damnation ever more.

Peitavas still stands tall, proud, defiant.
You may think yourself worthy, but you are wrong.
Not even animals butcher each other for sport.
This is a shared world, to which you have lost the right to belong.



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