Please Stop Shooting


Please, please stop shooting.
Is it too much to ask that you rise to the task of
Thinking, just for a moment, before you strike?
How dare you say that an empty hand, and an armed one, look alike?

Please, please stop shooting.
There must be another way than ending yet another day
With another loss of life? Surely, you understand, why we tarnish you as racist?
When any shade darker than tan is automatically met with fist?

Please, please stop shooting.
Lead us by example and provide us with a sample
Of your own national anthem. Is it no longer the land of the free?
It’s long stopped being the home of the brave; citizens are scared, of losing life and liberty.

For the love of all that is living, please, please stop shooting.
How are we to move forward, to move together,
If all your policing ever polices is our difference?
We are all flesh and blood, gristle and bone, sinew and synapse. Not shooting range circumstance.

Please. Please stop shooting.

Please Stop Shooting


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