Water’s Edge


I went down to the water’s edge today
Looking for solace and salvation in shades of green and blue.
There was nothing, not even an echo of this hue,
Just black. Slick like oil, thick and viscous like a sea of black treacle,
But not a sponge or tart in sight.
Instead of the calming, clear reflection of a water’s surface,
There was the metallic iridescence of a passing car
Blazing, unnatural like fog lights, blinding, instead of gently lit like stars.
When you’re looking for a moment to put things right
And all that you see is mere imitation,
Do you board the first bus at the nearest station
Or begin to run, far, and fast as you can?
How can you outrun something you don’t understand?
There were no answers at the water’s edge today.



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