Poem that makes me think – Here, Kim Addonizio


After it ended badly it got so much better
which took a while of course but still
he grew so tender & I so grateful
which maybe tells you something about how it was
I’m trying to tell you I know you
have staggered wept spiraled through a long room
banging your head against it holding crushed
bird skulls in your hands your many hearts unstrung
unable to play a note their wood still beautiful
& carved so elaborately maybe a collector would want them
stupid collectors always preserving & never breaking open
the jars so everyone starves while admiring the view
you don’t own anyone everything will be taken from you
go ahead & eat this poem please it will help


This poem is kind of stunning. It is the kind of poem that reaches out and could probably apply to multiple situations; reading the first few lines you can’t help but wonder what, specifically, the poet is writing about, and yet it resonates, fits to a thousand different circumstances. I can imagine this would be performed beautifully as a hushed, fast whispered spoken word poem. I can see the poet looking out to an audience and telling them that they too know pain, share their suffering, and that somehow, that’s okay. We grow through experiences, it does get better, there is an after.


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