Love is…


He loves you, he says.

Love must have a very different definition in the dictionary he’s been reading, because according to him, love is cruel.
Love is belittling you in front of your friends,
Scorning everyone and everything that’s important to you,
And ridiculing all you do, until you no longer believe in yourself.

He wants you, he says.

Want is subjective.
Want, through his eyes, looks like always having someone there to listen to how right he is, and how wrong you are.
Looks like telling you how unworthy you are of everyone, including him.
Looks like you owe him for giving you his time.

He needs you, says.

Need you to be home when I tell you to.
Need you to turn a blind eye whenever I do something wrong.
Need you, to change yourself so much that you no longer recognise who you are anymore.

This is love?
Who would want that?


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