Poetry in the news


Happy Weekend!

Here’s some poetry in the news at the moment.

For Poetry Month, a project looking at civic poetry funded by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project (#civicpoetry). Civic poetry seems to be a bit of a buzzword in some circles at the moment, like it’s a new thing, when clearly it’s not. Civic poetry has been with us for as long as we’ve been writing poetry.

If you want an example of how civic poetry’s been with us for longer than some of us have been paying attention, look to slam poetry. There are some slam poets out there that just lure you in with beautiful words and then punch you in the gut with their perception of the world, their experiences. Honestly; if you haven’t taken a look at slam poetry in action, you really, really should. Voices and Verses gives you the opportunity to listen to the incredible Savannah Blue. A Slave’s Love is a powerful piece, really worth a listen/watch.

Wear Your Voice celebrates some of India’s finest female poets. We hear about classic poetry all the time, compare and contrast them to modern poets, but in a time when we are needing desperately to recognise all of our diversity, we really should pay attention to the voices we don’t often get to hear.

And finally, a little bit of history: lost poetry penned during the Great War has been rediscovered! Personally I’m a huge fan of war poetry, and I know, that’s kind of grim; the imagery in things like Dulce et Decorum Est and Disabled will always, always get to me. Sometimes we forget, act as though war is a new concept. It isn’t, we’ve been killing each other forever. Is this a lesson we’ll never learn?

And on happier thoughts… I hope you’re all having good weekends


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