Poetry in the News


Hello 😊

An eclectic mix of poetry in the news today!

In no particular order:

The winner of the Brunei International African Poetry Prize, which talks about LGBT criminalisation and masculinity in the face of that.

Appalachian poetry: not all nostalgia and tradition! This is a really nice article, give it a read.

Listening to poetry does something to you. Read this article in Seeker; seriously, a discussion on the important of poetry conducted with scientific experiments? A picture of Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton? The benefits of reading poetry? This ticks a lot of boxes!

And finally, how Coleridge got his eye in for writing his poetry. I did not know that. I mean I don’t know why I didn’t know that, but I didn’t. Curious. We all have our ways!

Happy Weeks to you all 😊




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