Poetry In The News


Morning all!

I hope your weeks are going well.

There’s a lot of poetry in the news this week!

Here is a beautiful interview with Petr Lom talking about the film Burma Storybook, which, after reading the article, I would really love to see. (Here’s the trailer with English subtitles)

For May’s Asian Pacific Heritage Month, the Asian Pacific Student Programs hosted Urban Roots of Poetic Justice: A Spoken Word Event, and this article talks about the performance.

Kenneth Chacón is a teacher and poet; this article talks about his road to get there and it’s a really good read. It’s hopeful and inspiring, so if you’re looking for some of that today, give this a read.

Here’s an interview with Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye; excuse me whilst I fangirl!

A multi-dimentional poetry installation organised by the Vyloppilly Samskrithi Bhavan is discussed here, where poems are presented as art as well as being recited.

On June 12th it’s the annual Poetry Walk Across The Brooklyn Bridge, with Bill Murray! Bill Murray is such a poetry champion, and has rarely missed this event.

Mid West Regional Drugs & Alcohol Forum (MWRDAF), in association with the Limerick Writers’ Centre, are launching an anthology entitled Voices from the Cave – an anthology of poems about addiction and recovery in Limerick today, (Wednesday 17th May). This launch article for the event is really interesting; give it a read.

Make Poetry Great Again, by Norway’s Chris Felt, takes all of the wisdom of Trump and turns it into poetry:

“What Trump says is closer to poetry and fiction than to reality,” said the Norwegian man who created the collection, Chris Felt.

Definitely worth looking at…

And finally, for those of us who seek a little solace but don’t find the idea of meditating appealing, try poetry. Specifically, try memorising and reciting poetry. This article by Allie Esiri talks about the mindfulness of poetry, and even gives you advice on how to memorise and keep poetry in your head. I think that’s beautiful.

Enjoy the rest of your weeks 😊


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