Poetry in the News


Good Morning! There is a ton of poetry in the news today. Let’s get started 😉

Poetry, What Poetry with Robert Bound in the Monacle, talks to Joe Dunthorne about the importance of poetry. There’s also a look at poetry promotion around the world.

This article from Sky News talks about how poets are reaching people where politicians aren’t. Maybe if politicians had to think before they speak like poets do when they’re choosing the perfect words for what they want to say, we’d live in a better world…

Stef Shaw, dubbed the most patriotic cabbie in Glasgow, pens a poem about the Manchester attack.

US poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera ran four workshops over the past year for Chicago’s ninth grade teachers, and in this video he talks about his project to give Chicago’s youth a voice.

And whilst we’re on the subject of giving voices, the EDP and Briar Chemicals’ Young Poets of the Year contest returns as part of the Norwich-based Briar’s Science in Schools programme, giving young poets a chance to speak their minds.

Brian Sonia-Wallace becomes the first Writer-in-Residence for the Mall of America. Here’s a little background to the poet.

Luke Wright talks about what inspired his poetry as he prepares for an evening at The Lighthouse in Poole.

Here’s a really nice interview with Canadian poet Rupi Kaur with lots of examples of her work in case you’ve not had the chance to see it.

Slam poet Zodwa Nyoni talk about her projects past and present in the lead up to her Ode To Leeds production at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

And finally from Robert Lowell in Time, why the 60s was the era of poetry.

Happy weeks to you all!


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