Poetry in the News


Good morning 😊

Here’s your poetry in the news for today.

Karen Van Dyck has published an anthology entitled Austerity Measures, and this article talks about this, as well as the importance of poetry in Greece at the moment.

This is a lovely article talking to Syima Aslam and Irna Qureshi about their involvement in the Bradford Literature Festival and Bradford.

Jenni B. Baker is creating poetry by erasing text from Infinite Jest to reveal the poetry behind it (blackout poetry of a sort).

This is both sort of funny and half despair-worthy. The Tree House Bookshop in Coventry received an anonymous complaint that the poetry read out at their recitals was ‘too rude’. I accept that we live in a more aware society (in some ways) and that it’s only right to go out of our way to do all we can not to offend people, but sometimes it feels like some people out there think we should wrap everything in sugar coating and pander to every individual’s needs. Weirdness.

And finally, Jeremy Corbyn reads poetry at Glastonbury, and talks about the importance of poetry (amongst other things)

Have good weeks!


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