Poetry in the News


Hello 😊

Here’s some poetry in the news for you…

Shaping the Fractured Self: poetry of chronic illness and pain, edited by Heather Taylor Johnson, is, I’m going to say, lovingly reviewed in this article in The Conversation, because the writer really feels like they started out cautiously with the anthology and slowly fell in love with it!

Poet and book artist MC Hyland has launched A Walking Poets’ Library, a Madison Square Park installation exploring the connection between walking and poetry – it’s things like this that tempt me to want to stop moving around, stop in one place for a while.

I really love reading about the importance of poetry, and this article by Atef Alshaer does just that, by talking about poetry’s role in resistance.

If you only have time to read one thing on this list today, make it this one. This a long, beautiful article about culture, diversity, lost poetry, history, and oh so many things – ostensibly underpinned by the discovery of lost Arabic poetry being rediscovered in Hebrew. Read it, honestly, it’s kind of magical!

And finally, this article about Adam Bradley’s book The Poetry of Pop is so, so good. As someone who has forever been amused at the idea that song lyrics aren’t poetry, this is an amazing, vindicating read. It’s true, there’s a lot of songs out there that really aren’t poetic; they’re barely words at all. But for a great many artists you can feel the emotion behind every lyric they write – just like you would when reading ‘conventional’ poetry. The Nobel Prize for Literature went to Bob Dylan for a reason beyond ‘we just like his music’, after all…

Happy reading!


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