(What’s It All) About?


This blog started out as an experiment to rekindle my interest in poetry over here, where I analysed a lot of other people’s poetry and waxed lyrical about the importance of interpreting poetry however you see fit. I know there are technically conventional interpretations that are expected to pass certain exams, but I like to think of it as this: remember when you were learning to drive and you did everything correctly, ‘fed’ the steering wheel through your hands, checked every mirror, had a routine for checking your seatbelt and seat position all to make your instructor (and examiner) happy? Do you still drive like that now? No! Of course not! You’ve probably got a sandwich in one hand and are sipping at a coffee with another (let’s hope you’re not using your mobile though… because then I’ll have to shake my head at you and sigh… put the phone down).

So. What I mean is, sure, there’s a right way to get you through your exam but beyond that, do as you wish with poetry! Poetry is an art form that is to be interpreted, and whatever you might get from a poem might not be what the poet intended – that is not a problem ever!

Along the way, once I’d worked through a glut of poetry analysis, I made a few changes, added things like poem of the week and spoken word poetry of the week, and then somehow I managed to break my WordPress altogether… which is how treeofpoe came to be!

On this blog I’ve gone from analysing to just talking about poems that speak to me – and also posting my own. I’ve been writing poetry for a long while, and although there was a huge break in the middle because of a crash of confidence, I remembered quickly how much I really, really love writing poetry. That first post was all kinds of terrifying but now that I look back I can’t think why… the world certainly hasn’t ended or changed as a result of people reading my musings!

The blog will continue to be poetry blog, and it will no doubt have things added or taken away at some point, but what won’t be going anywhere is my love of poetry; if you’re reading this, thank you for stopping by and I hope you’re loving poetry as much as I do 🙂


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