The seraphs called out from on high,
And the guardians shed their wings.
The archangels bristled with righteous indignance
At the massacre of all things.
To take arms up against one another,
Spill the blood of foes in the name of kin,
Seek glory in death, relish in power,
Is surely the deadliest sin.

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Non Believer


You are no messenger of god.
I don’t believe in the words that you say,
Or the existence of your source,
So take your fake proclamations away.

I have no donkey to speak to me,
Nor one willing to carry my load.
There is just me on this broken path,
And I’m fairly sure I took the wrong road.

Do not speak as though eons of knowledge
Flow steadily, dripping from your tongue.
There is no guidance from your good book
Showing how this battle can be won.

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In the middle of the night, I will find you,
And maybe along the way, I’ll find myself.
It has never been my intention to blind you
Into mistaking this for anything else.
In the harshest sunlight, shining starkly,
Irradiating everything within its touch,
Would it be an imposition for you to think of me,
Or is such courtesy an inconvenience too much?

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Love is Love


The stars did not go out tonight.

No inky canopy lost its sparkle, nor did the light grow dim.

No flames were extinguished tonight.

Embers still caress wicks and flare a rainbow of colours in their kiss.

Hope did not fail tonight.

Dreams and wishes still whisper their wisdom and are kept, nurtured, alive within.

Love did not fade tonight.

No hatred, no torment, no blistering evil will ever grow strong enough to stop this.

Because love is love, and we are love,

And we are stronger with it than without,

And to those who wish to destroy love,

Well, let there never be any doubt:

Love will win, every time. Even for those we have never met.

Because love is love, and love will shine. We will not forget.

To The Person



To the person who thinks they know my songs by heart:
You’re a fool. You couldn’t tell a bridge from a chorus, for a start.
To the person who thinks they know my buttons to push;
Wrong sequence entered. Did you take your lessons from a fabled flaming bush?
To the person who thinks they give me reason to live,
You think I’m blind to your distancing? Keep going. I’ve no more time to give.
To the person that I am writing these words to:
If there’s one thing I don’t need in my world, it’s you.

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Please Don’t



Please don’t look at me that way.
I don’t want to see the hope in your eyes,
The trust that’s unwavering,
When it’s self-loathing that I’m savouring.
And I can’t do that when you sigh,
When your eyes blind me with the words they cannot say…

Read the rest of the poem in Shades Of Me 😉




FireShot Capture 073 - Free photo_ Drinking, Man, Lonely, Dr_ - https___pixabay.com_en_drinking-ma

You are my night terror.
Behind my eyelids you move, and me, you own.
Sweat sheened skin slides on cheap slickened sheets,
And your mouth is the silencer to every moan.

You are my day terror.
I am laid torpid by your blue soul stare;
Languishing in longing, lust, lamed by love,
Loneliness and doubt. Because you can leave without a care.

You terrorise me.
I’ve fallen even further than you know,
And you can read it all, yet remain marble,
Shattering me with more uncertainty each time you go.

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