Poetry in the News



Here’s your poetry in the news for this week:

Helena Bonham Carter on the power of poetry: It’s the time for badass rebel women like us

The Letters of Sylvia Plath and the Transformation of a Poet’s Voice

How Fatima Al Qadiri Uses the Internet to Create Multidisciplinary Protest Poetry

This Palestinian poem on Jerusalem is finding new life

How the American Sappho Published the First Book of Lesbian Love Poetry


Poetry In The News



Here’s your poetry for this week:

When Did Poetry Speak to Us? When We Were Very Young

First woman to win migrant worker poetry competition

Bangladeshi construction worker’s poetry book translated to Chinese

UK Creative Writing Grad Students’ Poetry Reading to Draw on Special Collections Research

Close readings revisit European poetry

Do Politics Matter In Poetry? New Biography Explores The Case Of Ezra Pound

Carol Rumens’s best poetry books of 2017

Poetry In The News


Hello! Here’s your poetry in the news for this week:

Poetry Soup event raises cash for Ipswich mental health charity Inside Out Community

The Pavement Poet comes to Weymouth town centre

‘Poetry has always been a compulsion through my life’: Bina Sarkar Ellias

B.C. logger Peter Trower found solace in poetry

The 100 best nonfiction books: No 95 – Areopagitica by John Milton (1644)

Nambozo, a public speaker promoting poetry

Still avid for Ovid’s poetry, 2,000 years on

Poetry in the News


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Here’s your poetry in the news for today:

Dexter Booth and Why Children Need Poetry

Ex-soldier overcomes PTSD with moving modern-day war poetry

In poet John Keats’ letters, a man full of life just before he died

Ángel García Named Winner of CantoMundo Poetry Prize

‘Poetry is Me. It’s Inside Me. So, as Long as I exist, Poetry Will Exist.’

Author writes poetry books on Chamorro migration and identity

Instagram poetry

‘Poetry Gives the Reader Moral Strength’

Poetry in the News


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Here’s some poetry in the news for you:

Can Kevin Young make poetry matter again? (spoilers: yes. This article is a must-read)

Governing in poetry: French president responds to English schoolgirl’s verse

War poem written in poppies to launch British Legion appeal

Student Tamia Romo speaks her mind, finds home in open-mic poetry

How Lemn Sissay – the Chancellor of the University of Manchester – found his voice in poetry

Poetry In The News


Hello 😊 here’s your poetry in the news for this week:

Poet McKayla Robbin wants us to unlearn the words, ‘Sorry to be a woman’

Lena Olin plays the title role in “Maya Dardel,” a poet with plans to go out with a bang

Bvuma’s poetry transcends time

People of Juneau: Young poet Ben Miller’s journey through words

Potatoes and poetry

Teenager from Caerphilly scoops prestigious poetry award at ceremony

Fay Chiang, 65, Poet Who Championed Asian-American Culture, Dies